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        • 관심상품 등록 전

          : 가찌아 클래식 프로 (Gaggia Classic Pro) 나무부품 단품 / 분할 세트

          • 판매가 : 20,000원
        • 관심상품 등록 전

          : 가찌아 클래식 프로 (Gaggia Classic Pro) 나무부품 FULL 세트

          • 판매가 : 200,000원
        • 관심상품 등록 전

          : 프로피텍 프로700 (Profitec Pro700) 나무부품 세트

          • 판매가 : 210,000원
        • 관심상품 등록 전
          Izzo Pompei  

          : 이쪼 폼페이 레버머신 나무부품 세트 (Izzo Pompei lever m/c wooden parts set)

          • 판매가 : 314,000원
        • 관심상품 등록 전
          Rocket R58  

          : 로켓 R58 나무부품 세트 (Rocket R58 wooden parts set)

          • 판매가 : 165,000원
        • 관심상품 등록 전
          음핑고 Mpingo LP Stabilizer, 적층식  

          : 음핑고 Mpingo LP Stabilizer, 적층식

          • 판매가 : 210,000원

            고객님들의 생생한 후기를 만나보세요 PHOTO REVIEWS

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              주문자 :  J-F. L D, France

                -. 2014년 음핑고 공명종 구매.

                -. 2017.6.15.  lavardin amp. 음핑고 노브 주문제작 MK3933-6.0 , 2ea/set.

                -. 2019년 음핑고 케이블댐퍼 6mm 구매.

                -. 2021년 음핑고 노브 주문제작 MK3224-6.4 및 디스크블럭 MD-02 구매.

              2022/02/02  디스크블럭 MD-02의 1차 사용후기를 아래와 같이 보내왔습니다. 참고로 여기에 올립니다.


              I have now tried the footers, and they are very good, even better than the Shun Mook ones, if my memory serves me well.

              I sold them because I foud the bass too coloured, "one tone".

              You're free to use the following customer report :

              "Excellent "green/natural" items, no crazy pricing, helping your audio electronics and loudspeakers sound more natural, 

              easy and flowing, some would say more organic, but tone does not get darker and speed of notes played is actually better felt. 

              Treble is more natural in that it is suddenly less "thought about" in audiophile ways, bass is more tight and natural, 

              and medium become more "pure", meaning you will get words better in any given song, great especially for me/ anyone that is not born 

              speaking English.

              If you seek natural sound, easier, flowing like never, clubWOOD items will get you were close ?? ".

              Have a nice day  

              J-F L D. France"


              2022/02/23  MD-02의 2차 사용후기 


              More good news for you.

              Today, I sold my previous "audiophile" isolation footers in use, ie SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH MIGs 2.0

              I had not yet compared them to yours directly before, having quite a few other footers on hand.

              Well, under my triode SET amp, your mpingo disk isolators smashed against the wall in a single blow the MIGS, 

              its was night and day in tone of music, and its "grounding", fleshing and naturalness.

              That was with old recordings of Josephine BAKER, not the poor musical quality "audiophile" test recordings 

              some use as uneducated music lovers. 

              MIGs sounded like hi-fi audio/video fireworks in a cinema, not live, but yet impressive if heard on their own 

              as they do change the sound in a too light and airy way, but if you compare to your natural footers, 

              you get with mpingo stuff music that is like your best lover the first months in private.... 

              Sensual, alive, fleshed and blood filled, attention grasping with many likeable things not found elsewhere...  LOL

              Hope you won't mind how I explain this in an adult rated way , but well, I simply felt way more musical pleasure, 

              was drowned in music , and again, just two words can be used to say where you score a direct hit : 

              NATURAL TONE.  I already knoew it, but now, it's 100% : any audio footer containing metal can only be 

              a looser to my ears.

              Incredible.... Feel free to make any part of my review public.

              Thanks a lot, again.

              You should hear from me again soon (order  this type for my CD player ?), I have meanwhile  another test 

              to do against again another make of footers, very different and innovative, asap. Will report to you.

              Have a nice day !

              J-F L D. France"


              clubWOOD | 2023-09-24
            • 62

              Order date : 2021.12.24 from J-F L D. France.

              Amp. model : ? , 1ea. (앰프명 미확보)

              Knob model : MK3224-6.4 ( Φ32mm x 24mm H, shaft Φ6.4mm).

              Buyer's message : 2022/01/22


               Received the items two days ago, and listened to the Mpingo knob today : just incredible !

               I won't say it transformed my 45 tube purist amp, but I immediately noticed a slight but noticeable and 

               definite difference in improved naturalness, and soundstaging, and I'm sure the amp now sounds a bit more "relaxed/airy", 

               more 3D in palpable and not hazy way, when it's already a reference hyper linear triode tubed one LOL

               Will test the footers asap, and report again

               Thanks !

               J-F L D. France."

              주문자 :  J-F. L D, France

                   -. 2014년 음핑고 공명종 구매.

                   -. 2017.6.15.  lavardin amp. 음핑고 노브 주문제작 MK3933-6.0 , 2ea/set.

                   -. 2019년 음핑고 케이블댐퍼 구매.

                   -. 2021년 음핑고 노브 주문제작 MK3224-6.4 및 디스크블럭 MD-02 구매.



              clubWOOD | 2023-09-24
            • 61

              (제작한지 시일이 지났으나 동일한 앰프를 사용하시는 분들의 향후 주문을 위해서 상세 사진을 올립니다)

              주문제작 일시 : 2017.6.15.

              앰프 모델 : lavardin , 2ea/set.

              노브 규격 : MK3933-6.0 (외경 39mm x 높이 33mm, 축직경 6.0mm).

              주문자 :  J-F. L D, France

                   -. 2014년 음핑고 공명종 구매후 본 노브를 주문제작.

                   -. 2019년 음핑고 케이블댐퍼 구매.

                   -. 2021년 음핑고 노브 주문제작 MK3224-6.4 및 디스크블럭 MD-02 구매.


              clubWOOD | 2023-09-23
            • 60

              (제작한지 시일이 지났으나 동일한 앰프를 사용하시는 분들의 향후 주문을 위해서 상세 사진을 올립니다)

              주문제작 일시 : 2021.10.29.

              주문자 :  Marxxx Stexxxx, Germany.

              앰프 모델 : Plinius 9100 SE , 3ea/set.

              노브 규격 : MK2542-6.0 (외경 25mm x 높이 42mm, 축직경 6.0mm).

              주문자 메시지 : 

                 "~몇년전에 노브를 주문제작했는데 크게 만족하며 잘 사용하고 있다.

                  그래서 추가로 3개/세트 노브를 주문하려고한다~~~

                  Hi there,

                  My name is Marxxx from Germany. 

                  A few years ago I had you make buttons / controls for my hi-fi amplifier.

                  That worked very well and I am very satisfied! 

                  I would like to order 3 wooden buttons for my hi-fi amplifier again. 

                  Should I send you a sample copy so that you have the exact measurements for the buttons? 

                  I would like to order 3 pieces that are all the same dimensions.

                  Many greetings.

                  Marxxx Stexxxx""


              cl**** | 2023-09-17
            • 59

              (제작한지 시일이 지났으나 동일한 앰프를 사용하시는 분들의 향후 주문을 위해서 상세 사진을 올립니다)

              주문제작 일시 : 2020. 6. 17.

              주문자 : 정ㅅㅎ 님.

              앰프 모델 : Leben CS600 .

              노브 규격 : MK4327-6.0 (외경 43mm x 높이 27mm, 축직경 6.0mm).

              특기사항 : 원본은 Flange형태이나 위 고객의 희망으로 원통형으로 진행함.

                          만일 원본과 같은 Flange형태로 주문제작을 원하실 경우에는 규격을 다시 확인하여 진행가능함.

              주문자 후기 : "아름답네요~ㅎㅎ" 하시면서 사진을 보내오셨고, 
                              본 홈피에 사례로 업로드되는것에 대해 "영광입니다 ㅎㅎ"라고 흔쾌히 허락하셨습니다. 감사합니다.

              clubWOOD | 2023-09-14
            • 58

              (미국의 바이어가 당사의 '음핑고 디스크블럭'을 반복 구매한후에 만족해하며 

              아래 사용후기를 보내왔습니다. 허락을 얻어 여기에 옮겨싣습니다. 

              구매제품 : MD-02, MD-03, 주문제작 MD-04(Φ45x28H). 

              "These mpingo discs has great success to eliminate the impossible tiny micro vibrations 

               from components in addition to the ones you can feel from your touch. The transformation is  

               noticeable astounding. These discs create a dead silent background free of any distraction in the music. 

               This exposes hidden musical notes to the music. Additional voices come into play more clearly.   

              The freedom of vibrations is able to provide component like turntable to clearly carry forth  

              separation of voices and instruments.  

              You can actually see the singers as individual images on stage in full 3D. 

              The imaging has improved to a pinpoint degree of location.  

              The most impressive result is the ability for these mpingo discs to help individual equipment  

              to sound without any electronic thin brightness, glare or any haziness. 

              I am startle with the additional full sounding richness and natural musical warmth. 

              The music is of pure listening ease like in live music.  

              Its so involving that you have to drop any reading and just listen. The high-end reference  

              equipment will indeed sound even more "expensive”.  

              As the nature of the mpingo wood, it truly presented itself as a tree of music. 

              M. H. from California USA"

              clubWOOD | 2022-01-17
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